My Shepherd

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My Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭23:1‬ ‭

Perfect Provision

The biblical shepherd knew everything about his sheep.  He knew what they wanted to eat and when they needed fresh water to drink.  He also knew the area well enough to guide the sheep in the right direction for the perfect food and water.  The sheep grew to trust the shepherd to meet their needs.  A good shepherd always gave his sheep the best.  The condition of the sheep was a reflection of the shepherd.

The Lord is our Good Shepherd.  (John 10:11)  The Psalmist was convinced that he would never “want” for anything because the Lord would always provide the best.  Just as the sheep need a shepherd so we need the Lord, our Good Shepherd, to meet our needs.  He provides everything we need just in time.  We do not need to worry of the Lord is going to provide, we just need to follow His lead and trust Him.  The Psalmist gives us a perfect illustration of how the Lord loves His sheep.  Even to die for us.

Is there something you are “wanting”?  It may be that you have turned your focus off the Lord and turned to a worldly perspective.  God’s economy is not the same as the world’s economy.  When our desires are distracted by a worldly attraction our sense of “wanting” changes.  We never need to “want” what the world has to offer.  If we keep our minds set on Christ and heavenly things, we will never “want”.  But if we place our passions on the things of this world we will find ourselves lacking because the things of the world will never satisfy our souls like the Lord does.  Keep your eyes on Jesus.


Lord, I know you give me everything I need.  Help me not to want what the world has to offer but to desire your perfect provision.

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