Devotional For March 20, 2024

For we were born yesterday, and know nothing, because our days on earth are a shadow.
‭‭Job‬ ‭8‬:‭9‬

Bildad the Shuhite responds to Job’s fury with words that reflect the traditions and wisdom of his time. His words are a reminder of the nature of human existence. Despite our efforts to acquire knowledge and understanding, we are mere mortals with finite perspectives.

In a world that often exalts human wisdom and knowledge, Bildad’s perspective offers a humbling contrast. It reminds us of our need to approach life with humility and reverence, acknowledging our limitations and seeking wisdom from God.

As we reflect on our life, we are prompted to consider the significance of how we use our time and resources. Instead of placing our confidence in earthly achievements or temporal pursuits, we are called to invest in things of eternal value.

We need to live each day with a sober awareness of the brevity of life, using each day as an opportunity to grow in wisdom and deepen our relationship with God. And may we humbly acknowledge our need for His guidance and direction, trusting in His infinite wisdom to guide us on the path of righteousness.


Lord, thank You for the reminder of the brevity of life and the limitations of human wisdom. Help me to approach each day with humility and reverence, seeking Your guidance and wisdom in all that I do. Teach me to use my time on earth to glorify You and invest in things of eternal value. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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