Experience His Fullness

For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.
John 1:16

John chapter 1 introduces us to the humanity of Jesus Christ, which means Jesus was God in human flesh.  He is eternal God who became part of creation.  God came to this earth to live among mankind in human flesh.

The Apostle John declares to us the Word became flesh and dwelt with mankind.  John is writing in first person because he saw Him, touched Him, and heard Him.  John wants us to know that Jesus is the living God.

In verses 14-18 John wants us to know about Jesus’ glory and grace. These two words help us to understand the person of Jesus.  When we receive His grace we can then see His glory.  

It takes grace for our spiritual eyes to be opened that we may see Him for who He is.  That is why the world does not know Him.  The world cannot know Jesus because they have not experienced His grace.  In essence, unbelievers are spiritually blind.

John says in verse 16, “because of His fullness we have received grace upon grace.”  The fullness that John is speaking of is the fact that Jesus fulfilled the law and became the spotless Lamb that permanently took away our sin.  The Old Testament sacrifice was only temporary but the fullness of Jesus is everlasting.  It is because of this fullness that we all receive grace upon grace.

Are you experiencing unending grace through Jesus Christ?  God wants us to experience His grace and see His glory now before we ever get to Heaven.  He wants to reveal Himself to you.  Take time today to look for His grace and enjoy life.  Paul said it best, “His grace is sufficient!” (2 Corinthians 12:9)


Lord, thank You for Your grace. Your grace is all that I need. Help me to understand the fullness of Your never ending grace and love.

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