Pastor Stephen Dedman

Immediate Action

But Jesus said to him, “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭8:22‬

There is a story about a certain tribe in Africa that elected a new king every seven years.  The king would reign for seven years being treated with the highest honor and given every luxury.  The king had absolute authority even to administer power of life and death over members of the tribe.  

The only catch was at the end of the seven years a new king was chosen and the old king was killed.  This practice went on for years and every tribe member knew the provision and there was never a shortage of men wanting the position.  They were willing to forfeit their lives in order to enjoy seven years of luxury and power.

Jesus encountered a disciple who wanted to follow Him but needed to go home and take care of some business first.  Regardless of the situation, Jesus commanded an immediate response and obedience.  Jesus knew the heart of this man and what was happening in his personal life.  

Jesus is not saying that we are to neglect our families and friends but instead He is prompting immediate action.  Either this man was being greedy and waiting for his part of the inheritance or this man valued his family more than Christ.  Regardless, Jesus instructed the disciple to follow Him right then.

Many of us have excuses of why we can’t serve the Lord to the fullest right now.  We may only get one opportunity for certain tasks and if we don’t immediately obey we will miss out on a great blessing.  The Lord wants us to be available to be used by Him on His timing.  Don’t get caught up in the luxury and power of this world only to miss an opportunity to serve the Lord.


Lord, You have my heart and soul.  Show me where I need to be in complete obedience to your plans for my life.