Pastor Stephen Dedman

Sunday Is Coming

‘So they went and made the tomb secure, sealing the stone and setting the guard.’
Matthew 27:66

Saturday… the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Nothing happened on Saturday. It was a silent day.

The Bible makes one reference to Saturday of Holy Week in Matthew 27:62-66 when the Pharisees visited Pontius Pilate asking for a guard to be placed in front of the tomb where Jesus’ body lay.

We can only imagine how Mary and Jesus’ disciples were feeling after the tomb was sealed. They probably had a sense of failure, a loss of hope, and were in the depths of grieving the death of their Savior.

We know that Easter is coming. They did not have comfort in knowing that Sunday was going to be a day of celebration. Instead they wept and mourned.

Take this day to prepare your heart to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Take a few moments today, be silent and reflect on your life. What areas do you need comfort in knowing that Jesus makes all things new?

The best way to prepare for Easter is to confess your sins to God and rebuke the temptations of the devil. Abide in His Word today and receive the comfort of knowing that Jesus makes everything right.

Are things secured in your life right now? Is Jesus the top priority of your life? Has Jesus given you peace and comfort?

Sunday’s coming!


Lord, You can make all things new in my life. You make my life complete and You give me peace. Help me to spiritually and mentally prepare for Resurrection Sunday.