Pastor Stephen Dedman

Walk With Integrity

Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭28:6‬

Christians are called to walk in integrity.  It is the basic element of Christian morality.  Integrity means to do what is right and honest even when no one is watching.  

Unfortunately, there are countless examples of Christians who make their public life appear to be great and wonderful but privately they are unrighteous.  Integrity calls us to walk in the path of Christ and to steer away from hypocrisy.

Our lives are to be marked by love, compassion, mercy, justice, and fearing God above everything else.  We must be quick to turn from evil and do good.  To know what is the right thing to do and not do it is a sin.  

We all face challenges of integrity that can either make us or break us.  Living a life of integrity means that we set aside popular self-perceptions and model Christ-like behaviors.  When it comes down to it, most of the time you are the only one who knows what you did is right or not.  

If we desire to influence others we must have integrity.  Integrity is crucial in all aspects of leadership.


Lord, keep me humble and always allow me to remember that when no one else is watching, You are. Help me to be a person of influence and a spiritual leader. Help me to do what is right in Your sight.