Pastor Stephen Dedman

Praise The Lord With Every Breath

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!
Psalm 150:6

It is estimated that the average person takes 23,000 breaths every day. Every breath you take matters. If we were to stop breathing… death is near.

A dear friend of mine got really sick with Covid at the beginning of this year. He told me he had a really hard time breathing. He said he had to think about each breath he took. He had to concentrate on inhaling and exhaling.

Sometimes we don’t consider the necessity of breathing until we can’t. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are breathing because we don’t have to think about it. We just do it, naturally.

Here is the point of today’s message. We are given 23,000 opportunities to praise the Lord. We should praise God for every breath He gives us.

Let’s praise the Lord for every breath we take and with every breath let’s praise the Lord!

Do you praise the Lord 23,000 times a day? With the mindset of praising God for giving us our next breath we can. But don’t wait until you can’t breathe to be thankful for each breath.

Take a deep breath right now and consider what happens when your lungs fill with air (oxygen) and you exhale the converted air (carbon dioxide). The 3 to 5 seconds that it took to breathe in and breathe out is amazing. The oxygen you inhale contains vital nutrients for blood to carry nutrients throughout your body to live.

Interestingly enough, you exhale carbon dioxide that provides sufficient nutrients for plants to survive. And in return plants give off oxygen for humans to survive. God works in mysterious ways!

How many times you can praise the Lord today?


Lord, thank You for every breath I take. Thank You for the clean air that I breathe and the plants that provide oxygen for me to breathe. Help me to realize that every breath I take matters and is an opportunity to praise You.