Pastor Stephen Dedman

Sing Praise To The Lord

I will exalt you, my God and King, and praise Your name forever and ever. I will praise You every day; yes, I will praise You forever. Great is the Lord ! He is most worthy of praise! No one can measure His greatness.
Psalms 145:1-3

As we begin this week of celebrating Thanksgiving, let’s do it with praise. Everyday this week let’s sing praise to God. He is worthy of our praise!

As David writes this psalm or song, he is proclaiming that only God deserves his praise. And He deserves it everyday.

Do you pray? I am sure your answer is a quick “YES!” But let me ask you, “Do you praise God?” And if you do, how do you praise God?

David draws deep from within his heart the praise and worship that God is worthy of. He says in verse 3, “No one can measure His greatness.” That my friend is speaking from experience.

Is it easy for you to praise the Lord? Can you do it even when it’s not Sunday?

More importantly, can you praise the Lord even when things are not going your way? If God is worthy of praise He is worthy of praise all the time, even during difficult circumstances.

If you are having a difficult time praising the Lord right now, then start with exalting His name. Even the name of God has to be exalted. And exalting His name lifts Him up. It’s a great way to start.

Today, reflect upon the name of the Lord and how you can exalt Him and His greatness.


Lord, I lift Your name up and praise Your greatness. Nothing is compared to Your excellence. I praise You as Lord and King of my life.