Pastor Stephen Dedman

Enjoy The Good Times

“The Lord our God spoke to us in Horeb, saying: ‘You have dwelt long enough at this mountain. ‘ Deuteronomy 1:6

If God only allowed us to experience “mountaintop” circumstances, we would never experience trouble or sorrow. You might think that sounds great but neither would we experience any victories. Great victories allow us to see God’s greatness.

The Israelites had gathered together at the bottom of Mount Horeb while God spoke aloud to them concerning His law and commandments. Fire and smoke consumed the mountaintop, lightning flashed from the clouds, and loud trumpet sounds were heard for miles. The ground shook and the people trembled in awe of what they experienced. (Exodus 19:16-25) It must have been a truly amazing experience to behold.

At times God will graciously provide us with mountaintop experiences. These experiences come in various settings: during a worship service, in time alone with Him, with Christian brothers and sisters, or even on the side of the road with a flat tire.

You may wish you could spend the rest of your life on the mountaintop, but just remember, that mountaintop encounters are God’s way of preparing you for the battles that await you. Enjoy the good times and consider the bad times as a way to see what God has planned next.


Lord, thank You for giving me mountaintop encounters so that I know who You are. Thank you for giving me trouble and sorrow so that I know that You can trust You. Help me to appreciate the good and the bad times.