What Are You Asking Jesus For Today?

And stopping, Jesus called them and said, “What do you want me to do for you?”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭20:32‬ ‭

What if Jesus asked you, “What do you want Me to do for you?” What would be your response?  

What is the most pressing thing on your mind today?  Is there something that you could quickly ask for?

Jesus was passing through Jericho on His way to Jerusalem and heard two blind men cry out, “Have mercy on us!”  Jesus walked over to them and asked them what they wanted Him to do for them and of course they asked for their eyes to be opened.  

This was a great miracle because there was no cure for blindness and there was no doctor that could restore someone’s vision.  The Scripture says Jesus compassionately touched them and they were able to see.  

As soon as their eyes were opened they saw Jesus!

We all have things that we want the Lord to do for us.  The problem is most of the time we ask selfishly for things that we really don’t need.  Most of the time it is considered a want and not a need.  

Jesus promises to give us what we need.  He always knows what we need.  He just wants us to have faith that He is going to meet our needs.

He wants us to go to Him first before we go to anyone else.  Just as these men cried out for mercy, we too should be crying out to Jesus for mercy and forgiveness. Only Jesus is able to do such wonders in our life.

What do you want to ask Jesus for today?


Lord, open my eyes that I may see You for who You really are.  You are my Lord and Master and I will serve you everyday. Give me mercy and forgiveness.

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