What’s More Important?

Stephen Dedman

The woman then left her waterpot, went her way into the city, and said to the men, “Come, see a Man who told me all things that I ever did. Could this be the Christ?”
John 4:28-29

Have you ever received some information that surprised you so much that it made you forget what you were doing at the present time? Or have you ever gone to the grocery store to pick up something simple and returned home only to realize you didn’t get what you went for? Or maybe you knew in your mind what you needed to do but after listening to a friend you were convinced that you didn’t need to do it? A change of mind or change of direction is always turns out interesting.

In John 4, Jesus encounters a Samaritan woman who came to the well to draw water and met the Messiah. She had a brief conversation with Jesus and discovered He knew all things. Jesus used an analogy to to show her that as she came seeking water from the well, what she really needed is living water from Him. Once she realized that she need the living water which only He could provide she went away to go tell others. And what is so fascinating is that John tells us in verse 28 that she left her waterpot or jar at the well. This tells us that what she went searching for didn’t turn out to be so important.

She left her waterpot behind because she realized there was something more important in life than fetching water. She needed to tell someone, anyone, about Jesus. It didn’t mean that she would never need to draw water again but it did mean that telling others about Jesus was more important than anything else.

After encountering Jesus, this woman’s life was changed. She quickly went into the city and started telling everyone about Jesus. She went to the well to be alone and away from people but now she wants people to know that she is changed. Isn’t it great to see people who are on fire for the Lord? You can tell when someone has the gift of God in their heart and wants to give it to someone else.

What a great example this woman set forth for us. We too need to be telling others about Jesus. We need to rekindle the excitement that we first had when we encountered Jesus and let everyone know about what Jesus can do for them. You may think you are not the right person to tell someone about Jesus but you are. You may think you don’t have the right words to say but you do. Don’t be intimidated about telling others about the grace and love of Jesus that you have.

Lord, let my fire for You burn like never before. Help me to be bold and share Jesus with everyone I meet. Most of all, put someone in my path today that I can tell them about You.

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