Words Of Truth

‘Then he added, “Son of man, let all my words sink deep into your own heart first. Listen to them carefully for yourself. ‘
Ezekiel 3:10

The Bible was written not just to inform us but to change us. Real life change comes from spending time with God. No one can truly meet with God and not be changed. When we read the Scriptures we need to let them sink deep into our heart as Ezekiel 3:10 states.

How do you hear God’s voice? How do you know He is speaking to you and it’s not just your own thoughts or worse, the devil? The best way to know you are hearing the voice of God is to engage in the Scriptures on a daily basis.

The best way to allow the Word of God to sink into our hearts is to meditate on the Scriptures. Allow the words to marinate in your mind and hear them as you read them. Most of the time there will be a word or phrase that leaps off the pages of the Bible and makes a difference in your life.

Take that word or phrase and allow it to change your life. Watch how it changes your mind, attitude, or heart. Try to remember that word or phrase from the Scripture and reflect on it all day.

For example take today’s verse and ponder the words, “Listen, carefully.” Those two words can change your life. They can speak truth through the day. Every time you think of the words you will be reflecting on what you need to listen carefully to, or who you need to listen to. Try it and see for yourself.


Lord, speak to me through Your Word today. Let Your words make a real change in my life. Help me to meditate on Your Word.

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