Pastor Stephen Dedman

Give Quietly

‘But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, ‘
Matthew 6:3

The people that Jesus was referring to were very generous people. Just as they publicized their righteousness they also publicized their giving. They wanted to be noticed for their good deeds.

Public recognition is still popular today. We see famous people get a lot of publicity when they give large donations to charity. Some even have buildings named after them.

Jesus tells us to be careful with public recognition. It’s nice to be praised when you do something for the common good but there is a greater reward for those who do it quietly and privately. Would you rather be rewarded by men or by God?

While it is biblical to do good deeds and to be generous, the lesson that Jesus is teaching us is about denying ourselves self-congratulation. It should become so natural for us to not even know that we have done something that deserves praise. It’s about giving for God’s glory.

What is your motive for doing good deeds? Is it to get a promotion or to get a favor in return? If so, you are giving with the wrong motive. The purpose of our generosity should not be to impress others but to impress God with our faithfulness.


Lord, all that I have is from You. Help me to be a good steward of what You have trusted me with. Increase my faith in You so that I will be a more giving person.