Pastor Stephen Dedman

New Life In Jesus

“Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance,”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭3:8‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

John the Baptist tried to prepare people for the coming Messiah but many would not listen.  They held tight to their false religion. Sounds a lot like today’s world, doesn’t it?

Some of the Jews did not keep the Law of God as they were commanded to do. Some of the Jews repented but others, especially the religious leaders, were too prideful to repent.  They thought they were good people.

Jesus’ message was similar in nature but instead of trying to keep the law, He wanted people to turn to Him in a personal relationship.  He wanted people to trust Him for forgiveness.

Jesus preached a message of grace and peace that could only be found through Him. They needed to trust in Him as the Messiah. 

We too need to trust in His saving grace. It’s not until we have an experience with Jesus that we seek His righteousness. Zacchaeus is a wonderful example of a changed life after experiencing Jesus in a personal way.

Some people look at salvation as having to give up something they really like. However, our salvation through Jesus is something we’ve gained. We’ve gained eternal life, forgiveness of sin, peace, and hope. And it’s all a gift through faith.

Are you trying to hold on to something of your old life before Jesus?  

You will never enjoy all that God has in store for you until you give up and surrender everything to Jesus.  It will be obvious by the way you live if you’ve experienced a new life in Christ. 


Lord, I trust in You for forgiveness and eternal life. Replace my heart of stone with a new heart that loves and obeys You. Let my life prove that I’ve been saved and redeemed.