Pastor Stephen Dedman

It Is I

It Is I

But He (Jesus) said to them, “It is I; do not be afraid.”
‭‭John‬ ‭6:20

No Need To Fear

After Jesus fed the 5,000, the people who witnessed the miracle wanted to make him their king.  Jesus swiftly slipped away into the mountains to be alone.  The disciples got into the boat and set sail across the lake.  A storm was brewing and the waves became rough due to the high winds.  They rowed for about three to four miles when suddenly they saw Jesus walking on the water.  They became frightened as He came near the boat.  They thought it was a ghost.  Jesus spoke to them and they recognized His voice and gladly received Him into their boat.  The Scripture then says immediately they were at the shore.

There are some interesting truths packed into this event.  First, after every victory there is a valley awaiting.  Don’t be disappointed because the Lord is always with us regardless of where we are.  He is with us in our good times and with us in our suffering.  Second, the Lord’s presence makes for peace.  Jesus appeared during their struggles and spoke a peaceful word, “it is I; don’t be afraid.”  The Lord always provides peace and comfort during our trying times.  He will allow us to build strength and faith but He will never neglect us.  Third, the Lord’s power over nature.  Jesus walked on the water.  Some want to discredit the Lord walking on the water.  We must never forget that the Lord can do what He pleases to do.

Trusting the Lord during good times is easy.  Trusting the Lord during hard times is difficult.  Our faith in the Lord is what pleases Him the most.


Lord, let me see You for who You are.  I want to be in Your presence and feel Your peace.  Help me to overcome my trials and suffering with your grace.

He Who Humbles Himself

He Who Humbles Himself

For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
‭‭Luke‬ ‭14:11‬

A Lesson of Humility

In Luke 14:1-6 Jesus was invited to a prestigious dinner with the religious leaders. He was the honored guest but only for evil intentions. There was also another man invited that day who had dropsy (known as edema). The lawyers and Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus into breaking a law on the Sabbath but their plan backfired. Jesus asked them if it was lawful to heal on the Sabbath but they remained silent. Jesus then healed the man and sent him away. The lawyers and Pharisees were speechless.

The miracle of healing should have been enough to demonstrate that Jesus was God but Jesus wanted to teach them a valuable lesson concerning the Kingdom of God. He used His position of honor to honor God.  The Pharisees used their position of honor to elevate themselves.  Every person who was honored would then honor someone else, as this was their custom.  It was all about being recognized.

Jesus used this opportunity to share another parable. He said, “Instead of placing yourself at the end of the table where the most distinguished guest should sit, move further down the table.  In doing so you will save yourself from shame when the host comes to you and asks you to move because that seat was reserved.  Sit further away and let the host move you to the position of honor.  Then you will be honored by all.”

God does not look lightly upon prideful people. James 4:6 says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Every Christian needs to learn the important principle of humility.  Let’s learn from the Master and use our God given positions to praise Him and not ourselves.


Ask the Lord to make you more aware of your sin and position yourself at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ.