Pastor Stephen Dedman

The Change Of Seasons

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:”
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Watching the seasons change is such a beautiful wonder. When the trees start to show their vibrant colors we know winter is just around the corner. The changIng of seasons can teach us a lot about life.

Some seasons are much more enjoyable than others. And we must remember that while a season may seem to last forever, it’s only just a little while until something new comes along.

Some seasons of life are troublesome while others times of joy. They come and go. They are temporary times.

Most of the time we can’t wait for the next season to arrive. Sometimes we hate to see the current season come to an end. Either way, it is good that we go through seasons of change. It is good for us to understand that God intended for us to adapt to different things.

We must recognize that God has given us the gift of time. God is not restrained to time as we are. God is always in the present. That’s hard to comprehend because we base everything we do around the calendar or clock.

Time can be wasted or it can be used wisely. Time can go by slowly or it can go by quickly. One thing is for sure though, time will never stand still. Time keeps going if we want it to or not.

Our time on earth is to be appreciated. We should look back in time when we experienced good things and bless God for those great memories. We should also look back and remember when God brought us through some of the hardest times of our lives. And thank God He did.

Today‚Äôs verse reminds us that everything happening this very moment will not last forever. “This too shall pass” is what some say when they face difficulties.

Whatever you may be facing today may not be the case come tomorrow. You may land a new job that allows your financial worries to disappear. You may have an event take place that sets a new course for how or where you live your life. You never know what tomorrow holds. But God does.

We rest in the fact that God has all things worked out in advance. His provision gives us the necessary essentials to get through what we are facing. His grace is sufficient! We need to trust that God will provide and that God has a plan.

Just remember that as we witness the seasons change we need to be aware that God is changing us into His image.


Lord, help me to understand what I am going through right now. Allow me to see Your glory through everything I encounter. May Your name be exalted above all.