Pastor Stephen Dedman

Don’t Be Amazed

Do not marvel, my brethren, if the world hates you.
I John 3:13

I know that you may not realize it but as a Christian you are hated by the world. The world despises the righteousness of God. No wonder we witness so much hatred in the world.

Jesus said the world hated Him first. People try so hard to fit into this world that they are hated and rejected by. We must realize that our permanent home is not this earth and we should be seeking our citizenship in heaven.

It’s difficult trying to live in this world but not being accepted. In fact a Christian should feel uncomfortable in this world. If we ever become comfortable with the lifestyle of the world then something is wrong.

John writes to us to let us know that it is okay to be rejected and persecuted by the world. Because the world does not know God, the world does not know us. But according to Romans 12:1 we are to be in this world but not of it.

We should stand as sore thumbs in this world. People should be able to pick us out of a crowd and know that we belong to Jesus. We should talk like Jesus, act like Jesus and love like Jesus.

Today you may be tempted to be transformed to this world. Don’t get trapped! Know that you belong to God and He will give you everything you need. Don’t trust the world’s system.