Pastor Stephen Dedman

Are You Dead To Sin?

‘What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it? ‘
Romans 6:1-2

As a Christian, you died to sin. Temptations will be present but sin does not have control over you. You can still sin, but you are no longer under sin’s power. The victory over sin’s dominion was won on the cross at Calvary. The victory is won!

God’s grace is our motivation to resist sin. It was grace that led God to forgive our sin despite our rebellion against Him. Knowing this grace, we cannot continue to practice sin. You’re dead to sin.

God does not have to win a victory over your sin. He already has by sending Jesus to die in your place. You only need to apply His victory in each area of your life. If there is a sinful habit or an unrighteous relationship that needs to be dissolved, you just need to claim the victory of Christ’s saving power.

Do you have an ungodly attitude or a sinful habit? Do you have an unrighteous relationship that needs to end? What is keeping you from experiencing God’s the abundant life that God intends for you to live?

So many times we find ourselves disappointed because of our sin. While we should be convicted, we should never think that sin has that kind of power over us. Experience the victory of Jesus today that gives you the power over all things and live the abundant life that God intends for you.


Lord, I want to experience the great victory of my sin and shame. I want to know You and live out what You intend to be good for me. Help me to keep my mind on You.