Are You Ready For 2023?

Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time.
Colossians 4:5

As we approach a new year let’s remember that each new day brings about new opportunities. New opportunities to serve and glorify the Lord. If we live each day to the fullest we know we’ve done all that we can do.

Now that 2022 is finished what would you do differently? What would you not have done?

I remember when we were entering into a new century and we didn’t know if the lights would stay on or if we would have running water the next day. I remember thinking what if the ATM machines didn’t work. I remember thinking what if the VCR’s quit working. How silly of a mindset was that. We’ve definitely grown in wisdom.

I hope we have grown in biblical wisdom as well. Now more than any other time in history, we need to be walking in wisdom toward those who are not Christians. Our faith in Jesus should be a witness to others especially those who do not believe in Jesus.

Over the last year we have realized the sad condition of our nation. We are a divided people in all areas of life. And because we are divided, we are losing our status as a Christian nation. People all around us are falling away and not growing closer to Christ.

Make 2023 be a year of growing closer to Jesus. Set goals for this new year to spend more time in the Word of God. Pray more than you’ve ever prayed before. Spend more time focusing on the things of God than on the things of this world. Make every effort to redeem the time because before you know it, we will be counting down to 2024!


Lord, I know I have let many opportunities slip pass me. Give me wisdom to use every opportunity You place before me to serve You and to share my faith with those who needs hope and salvation.

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