Devotional For August 1, 2023

I will never forget Your precepts, For by them You have given me life.
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119‬:‭93‬

Today’s verse reminds us of the power of God’s Word and the life-giving impact it has on our souls. Our lives may be challenged or shaken by circumstances but God’s Word will lift us up and strengthen us to keep going.

The psalmist declares, “I will never forget Your precepts.” God’s precepts are divine instructions and teachings that we are encouraged to abide by in our daily lives. In times of joy, we must hold onto the Word to keep us humble and grounded. In moments of sorrow, it becomes our source of hope and strength.

The second part of the verse states, “for by them, You have given me life.” The psalmist acknowledges that the very essence of his existence and purpose flows from God’s Word. When we abide by God’s precepts we gain a life more abundant.

God’s Word speaks to our hearts, reveals our deepest needs, and guides us on the path of righteousness. When we encounter God’s Word with an open heart, we are transformed by its power and presence.

Make time to read, study, and meditate on His precepts, for they are the keys to abundant life.


Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of Your Word. Help me to embrace it with a heart filled with gratitude. As I meditate on Your Word, may it empower me to live according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen

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