Don’t Let Evil Doers Deceive You

“Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭5:6‬

Today’s Scripture contains a serious warning from the apostle Paul. He was instructing Christians at Ephesus to be careful of what they listen to. He said, “Don’t be deceived.”

Christians need to be careful not to be misled by ungodly influence. As Christians we need to be a witness to unbelievers but we must not conform to their ways. We must be empowered by God to never let ungodly words trick us into sin. That is exactly how the enemy operates. The devil is sneaky and deceiving.

Usually the way we get tricked is by hearing the words, “there’s no real harm in it”, or “you’ll never get caught.” That’s how Eve was deceived in the garden of Eden. Paul voices his concern that there will be ungodly people try to smooth talk you into sinning. Everyday we are tempted to sin and when we have a voice repeating to us that it’s ok we may fall into the trap.

One of the problems that we face as Christians is we try to justify our sins. It is never ok to sin. Just because we have been wronged does not justify that we take revenge in return. And the biggest justifiable phrase we hear is, “at least I’m not as bad as them.”

Here is the solution. We are all accountable for our sins. We need to stand for what is right and for what the Bible instructs us to do. We must turn the other cheek, love our enemies, and forgive others. We will all stand in front of Jesus on judgment day and give an account. We should long to hear the words, “Well done!”

The verse goes on to state what happens to the unbelievers who deceive God’s children. The Scripture says they will face His wrath. Those are serious words. No one wants to face the wrath of God. But God will deal with the ungodly. In the meantime, be careful of who you listen to. Make sure your actions line up with the truth of God’s word. Make sure you’re not deceiving others.


Lord, forgive me of my sins. Help me to be guarded against the ungodly people I’m surrounded by. May they see Jesus in me.

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