Pastor Stephen Dedman

What Is Your Story?

 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.
1 Peter 3:15

When was the last time you boldly asked someone if they have ever received God’s free gift of salvation?

There may be someone close to you that needs to hear your story of how you came to Jesus in faith.  Did you know that people are more likely to listen and relate to your story than they are to respond to a sermon?  That’s why it is so important for every Christian to be ready to give an account of their faith.

Every one has a testimony or a story of how and when they met Jesus Christ.  There is no testimony that is too boring or meaningless.  Your story might be the perfect words for someone to understand God’s grace and mercy.  

Don’t be fearful or bashful because the Holy Spirit will give you exactly what you need to say to those who need to hear exactly what you have to say.  You just need to be willing and ready to share your faith with everyone.

Truth is, most everyone who needs Jesus just needs the basics of knowing God’s love and compassion.  Simply telling someone that God sent His only Son to die on the cross for their sins could turn their life around.  

Just by speaking in the name of Jesus could make a world of difference.  A very easy way to start a conversation with someone is to simply say, “Have a blessed day!”


Lord, thank You for giving me Your salvation. Give me boldness to speak out and speak up for Jesus. Let my story be encouraging to others.

Pray And Don’t Lose Heart

Pray And Don’t Lose Heart

And he (Jesus) told them (disciples) a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.
‭‭Luke‬ ‭18:1


Fighting For A Good Cause

Please take a moment and read Luke 18:1-8.  Right before Jesus tells the twelve disciples a parable (an earthly story with a heavenly meaning) he says the words “keep praying and don’t lose heart”.  The reason he said these words was to encourage them to stay motivated.  In the previous chapter (Luke 17:20-37) Jesus was speaking about his coming death, the end times and the coming of the Kingdom and it was bothering them.  He knew it was troubling them.

Jesus tells a story that everyone could relate to.  He tells of an unrighteous judge who did not fear God or man and would not help bring justice to a poor widowed woman.  She was helpless and hopeless but she didn’t give up fighting for a good cause.  Finally, out of distress, he grants her what she wanted.  The reason he helped her was not because he wanted to do something good, it was selfishness because he was tired of being bothered by her everyday.  He wanted to get rid of her and by granting her legal help she would leave him alone.  Her persistence paid off.

Jesus told this story so Christians understand the urgency of persistent prayer and to never lose hope.  He meant there would be times when you just want to give up and give in, but don’t!  The Lord says keep praying, keep hoping and stay encouraged.  He wanted them to realize they were fighting for a good cause.

Let this message saturate your life today.  You are not fighting a losing battle.  Jesus is victorious!  Satan is going to be chained-up, lock-up, and cast-out. When Satan tries to discourage you, just remind him of that.


Praise Jesus for His victory over sin.  There is power in prayer.  Those who keep praying never lose hope.  Those who lose hope are the ones who stop praying.