Fall Into The Hand Of God

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
Hebrews 10:31

A proper fear of God drives us to obey Him by believing the gospel. Did you know that there are many who profess to be Christians and still reject parts of the Word of God?  

Some believers do not accept the biblical revelation or the reality of hell. The Bible makes it clear that hell is real and God’s ultimate wrath is real.  

Sadly, sometimes people are scared into salvation for the sole purpose of escaping an eternal torment in hell. Fire and brimstone preaching such as Jonathan Edwards awakens the sinner at the core concept of judgment but essentially salvation is the free gift of God’s grace and mercy.

It is a frightening concept that we each fall into the hands of God. It is something that we should be concerned about, but not dread. God wants us to know how much He really loves us and cares for us. And when we abide in His love daily we discover that life can actually be very pleasant. Sure we live in a evil, fallen world but we don’t have to dread it.

If God is your enemy it can be a fearful thing to fall into His hands. However, if we are a friend of God, it is a wondrous thing to fall into the hands of a living God who loves us. We serve a God who deserves our worship and respect. With this concept in mind, living for Jesus becomes an awesome opportunity.


Lord, I give You my life and my will for You to do as You please. I will live for You today and be a witness to those who need to put faith in You. Help me to point people to You in everything I do.

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