God Does Big Things

Now when Mary came to where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet, saying to him, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”
‭‭John‬ ‭11:32

There are great blessings for those who patiently wait on the Lord. Wonderful things happen in His perfect timing and according to His will. Sometimes we just don’t understand why things are happening but we must remember that God is up to something big.

Lazarus had been dead 4 days when Jesus arrived to Bethany and He performed His last public miracle.  Mary and Martha came to Jesus and they were both an emotional wreck.  A messenger had been sent to tell Jesus to come quickly so He could heal their brother but He delayed and Lazarus died.  

As Mary and Martha were mourning the death of their brother, Jesus finally showed up. They were sad, angry and blaming Jesus for not healing their brother.  Little did they know something big was about to happen.  

Jesus walked over to the tomb and cried out with a loud voice for Lazarus to come forth and instantly he came walking out of the tomb. Everyone who witnessed this miracle was amazed and Mary and Martha rejoiced.

Jesus is never too late. He is always right on time. He knows what is happening in your life but the timing is all part of His master plan.  Sometimes we rush the things of the Lord.  We think we know what is best and we don’t wait for the Lord to do His wondrous work. This is when we mess up and take matters into our own hands.  

Abraham made a similar mistake with Sarah’s servant, Hagar, and forced the birth of a son (Ishmael) before having Isaac ?  It caused many years of serious havoc.

Always wait upon the Lord because He is going to show up at the perfect moment and will always prove Himself to be true through His blessings.


Lord, give me a spiritual mindset to understand Your master plan. Help me to patiently wait for all things to come together in perfect timing.

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