His Brothers

His Brothers

For not even his brothers believed in him.
‭‭John‬ ‭7:5‬

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The Lost Are Dying

Does it concern you to hear that someone near and dear to you doesn’t believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior?  Do you have family members who are not save?  As Christians we should be concerned for those who are lost.

Even Jesus faced the issue of His own half-brothers not believing that He was the Messiah until after He was resurrected from the dead. James, especially, did not believe in the faith until after Jesus died on the cross and arose from the grave. Then James became a leader in the early church in Jerusalem and was concerned about the faith of many others. Jude was another brother that eventually believed after the resurrection. They knew who Jesus was but they did not place their faith in Him as Lord until later in life.

This gives us hope and comfort that in the Lord’s timing there is salvation given to our family and friends that we love so much. We must never give up sharing our faith and testifying to others about who Jesus is to us. There is hope that one day they will see Jesus for who He really is. We must pray for our unbelieving family and friends and keep trying to win them to Christ. Sometimes we get so “churched” and close to our fellow believers that we lose sight of those who are lost and dying. We need to pray for those who do not have faith in Jesus nor eternal life. If you knew that someone you cared about was going to Hell would you make it a point to say something to assist the Hoy Spirit in saving their life?


Lord, place a concern in my heart for those who are lost and without You.

Daily Devotional

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