You Get To Choose

But if I live on in the flesh, this will mean fruit from my labor; yet what I shall choose I cannot tell.
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1‬:‭22

The Apostle Paul is writing a letter to encourage the Christians in the church at Philippi. Ironically Paul is in prison and in chains. He doesn’t even know if he will ever see freedom again.

He is writing to encourage believers about joy and freedom. And he is doing it while he is being punished. Preaching joy and freedom from the worst of circumstances is an amazing achievement.

How is it possible for someone to remain joyful while experiencing the vilest circumstances? This is where we need to pay attention. Paul can only stay encouraged due to the fact that he chose to be joyful.

There are so many times in life that we face circumstances that we didn’t choose. Basically we were given circumstances against our wishes. But what we do and the choices we make have a great impact on our life.

Paul didn’t get to this place in his life overnight. You see, he started making small choices in life that made a great impact on his future. In other words, Paul knew that choosing to joyful everyday and in every circumstance allowed him to be joyful when he faced a very hopeless situation.

We make choices everyday, all day. It’s the little decisions that we need to be concentrated on. When we make good small choices then we get in a habit of making good choices.

Allow me to elaborate. If we choose to not get angry over little things everyday, then when we have a serious situation tempt us to get angry we are better equipped to control our anger. It’s the same with joy. If we can make small choices everyday to be joyful in the little things either good or bad, then when we face a crisis, we can remain joyful because we are in a habit of being joyful in all things.

It’s the same with sin. If we choose to not lie in the little things we will develop a lifestyle of not lying even if the temptation was big. If we choose not to steal little things then we will most likely not be tempted to steal a car.

If we choose to pray to God in all the small decisions and ask for His wisdom then when we face a severe hardship we are in the habit and lifestyle of seeking God in prayer and we won’t worry because we are in the habit of praying and trusting God.

It’s the small choices that we make everyday that align our faith in God. Pay attention to how important it is to make good choices in the little things of life.

Make a decision to trust and obey God in the little things and watch how much more peaceful your life will become.


Lord, help me to do what is right in the small things today. I know You will lead and guide me everyday. Help me to develop a lifestyle of faithfully serving You.

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