David Numbered Israel

David Numbered Israel

Then Satan stood against Israel and incited David to number Israel.
‭‭1 Chronicles‬ ‭21:1‬

Trust God

David had to make a choice. He could choose to trust God or he could fall into the temptation of Satan.  He called for a census of Israel to be made and trusted in numbers.  We should never seek confidence in numbers and not trust God.  Instead of boasting in the power of God, David was more flattered with making a name for himself.  We can call this a pride issue.  David wanted other nations to fear him.  When the numbers came were totaled it was amazing and almost unbelievable.  800,000 men in Israel who were qualified to serve in the military is very impressive.  And another 500,000 men were counted in Judah.  David knew he had a great army and he used these numbers to send a message to others.

We must understand a couple of things.  First, David did not count his own people.  He counted God’s people.  These people did not belong to him they were God’s people.  Second, a census was taken not only to impress others with the number of men fit for military but also to show how rich the nation was.  A census would establish how many people were paying taxes.  It was another way for David to exercise power.  Third, this census was a sin.  It was against what God wanted.  David sinned.  He finally came to his senses and repented to the Lord.  However, 70,000 men died because of his great sin.

Pride was the issue.  David forgot the history of how God’s great power and presence was with His children and began seeking praise of man.  We should never fall into the temptation of receiving praise from man instead of pleasing God.


Lord, I pray for your power and presence to always bring me remembrance of who You are.  You are all that I need.

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